Medical Daily

I started my job reporting for Medical Daily about a month ago. I started out writing 2 articles a day because I guess I was trained to write longer, in-depth pieces and I like letting a piece “sit” before I come back and edit it. I had to jump that up to 3 articles per day. Now I’m told I have to hustle and do 4 a day in order to get more page views.

Please read my articles. Some of the stuff, I promise, is actually interesting. I mostly dig around for new research from medical journals, am particularly interested in Alzheimer’s research and any form of medical-sociology study (relationships between medicine and human culture). Some of the other stuff isn’t quite as interesting (What’s the deal with shopaholics?… or The pope says marijuana legalization isn’t the right thing to do!) Well, perhaps those can be interesting topics to some people.

You can find my articles HERE.




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