Capital New York

First solo show in NY, Mark Boulos connects Niger oil war and high finance, 4.3.12

Avant-documentary films of Adam Curtis feel right at home in gallery setting of e-flux, 3.8.12

The legacy of ’80s art collective Gran Fury, 2.28.12

Why you should catch the Brooklyn Museum’s groundbreaking, moving ‘HIDE/SEEK’, 2.10.12


Washington Square News / UWIRE

Sadly, all the articles I wrote for Washington Square News from 2008 to 2011 are no longer on the website as they removed all archived articles with the redesign.  Somewhere in my room in Cleveland, I saved the printed newspapers with my published articles.  Once I scan them into readable PDFs, I will place them here.  Until then, I found some of my WSN articles on various other websites.  You can also read some of the articles I wrote for WSN on my old blog Wheatpaste, the link to which is at the bottom of this page.

Seeds of Change endorses locally grown crops in New York City, 4.11.11

Wal-Mart sets its sights on New York City, 1.31.11

Freegans Make Feasts for Free, 9.14.10


REA Blog

The Linear Perspectives of Aakash Nihalani, 11.7.12

On Mel Bochner, 2.15.12

Olafur Eliasson: the Architect’s Artist, 1.13.12

Review: Carsten Höller at the New Museum, 12.7.11

Architecture Inspired by Nature, 11.22.11

Artwork of Hans Op de Beeck, 8.15.11

Art and Cartography, 8.8.11

81 Days: Ai Weiwei’s Rise to Celebrity Artist-Dissident, 7.26.11

21 Architects Vs. 21 Banks, 6.22.11


WVIZ/WCPN ideastream – Cleveland’s member NPR station

The Art of Sculpting False Teeth, 9.23.10

A video piece I wrote, directed and produced during an internship with the Health Unit at WVIZ/WCPN ideastream.  The video interview was part of a radio and TV series on Oral Health, Watch Your Mouth! and broadcast on Applause.


MY OLD BLOG, Wheatpaste, from 2009-2010



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